Toast to a fresh new year with our lineup of spirit-free cocktails at 10th & Terrace rooftop! Our special menu of $8 “mocktails” will be available throughout the month of January. Enjoy each mocktail as it comes, or make it a traditional cocktail by adding the suggested spirit for an additional $8.

Berried in Barbados: strawberry/wildberry shrub, lime, orgeat, grenadine

Close your eyes, have a sip, and take an immediate vacation with this refreshing mocktail.

Add Bacardi Silver Rum for $8 more.

Mule On Over: pineapple, lime, ginger beer

Enjoy this tropical twist on the mule for an instant January pick-me-up.

Add Lunazul Tequila for $8 more.

Mango Dream: mango, orange, cranberry, lemon-lime soda

Perfectly fruity with just the right amount of fizz, this mocktail is sure to please.

Add Bacardi Silver Rum for $8 more.